Pepito is a game designer based in Los Angeles, California.

Although he started his career in graphic design, his passion for game design had already sprouted when he had opened his very first game development tool, Unreal Editor. Thanks to games such as Unreal Tournament 2003 and Rainbow Six: Raven Shield, he began designing maps and levels. He began by making original maps and levels for Unreal Tournament 2003, and then moved onto recreating classic GoldenEye maps for Raven Shield. Ever since then he had begun playing World of Warcraft and expanded his horizons on the gaming front. It wasn’t until he was dissecting class identity, mechanics, quest narratives, and world building that he had realized his passion all along.

Going back to school to reinvigorate and revisit this passion, he graduated from ART INSTITUTE of CALIFORNIA–HOLLYWOOD with a Bachelor’s in Science for Game Design. A year later he found himself on the front lines working for indie game studio, BUILT GAMES LLC. There he would go on to familiarize himself with multiple sectors of game development under the leadership of industry veterans. There he shipped multiple mobile titles as a Game Designer on iOS, and Android including: Teletubbies Play Time and Terminator Survival.