Narrative Design

Great games have great narratives. A story that pulls you in and engages your emotion in the deepest sense.
This is especially true with role-playing games and single player experiences where the player must follow a series of events that they must truly be vested in.

Writing Examples

The following are Narrative works that I’ve been writing for quite some time and am still writing.


Amaranthine, the fabled all-crystal worshipped by the people of the Amari Kingdom, is under attack. A story of a ruthless King and a forgotten Son forever entangled in the coil of the all-crystal.


For centuries the world enjoyed peace and prosperity from the mythical due to a treaty long held by immortals and men. The treaty has been broken, and the creatures of the night are emerging.

Two friends, bound by destiny are found by the Order of their ancestors. They must work together to make sense of a world they thought they knew, and the Extraworld they are about to be introduced to.