In this corner of my universe you’ll find all the games I’ve developed independently or commercially.

Original / Independent Development


Thinking about a thesis, as a game designer, I had only one goal. To see a project from conception to completion. So I set out to develop an experimental horror level that brought together all that I had learned from my Game Design program at The Art Institute of California–Hollywood. With the help of a few friends, I set out to design a micro horror game that played with the feeling of terror. Often times horror games force jump scares. Inspired by the the likes of P.T. and the Amnesia series, I wanted to create a level that invoked the feeling of terror and unease without the use of such jump scare tactics. I also wanted to challenge myself in puzzle design (a la Resident Evil series) and create a somewhat challenging objective to the level.

Some features that were dreamt up in this experimental level build include: Mental status ailments and rudimentary psychological impairments. As the player spends more time in the darkness, the more their mental state is affected and thus causing a adverse psychological affect on their avatar. I’ve always wondered why, in horror games, the avatar through the skills of the player could perform under such duress. Here, if you are too terrified, you will struggle even to pick up simple objects. The only way to keep sane, is to manage your resources and stay in the light. That was the ambition with this thesis level design. I hope to return to this game soon with a big team to polish it and flesh it out to its true potential.

  • Core level conceptualization, game design documentation

  • Narrative design

  • Level Design with Unity, using original and third party assets

  • Audio design

  • Event Scripting with C#

  • Voice Acting

  • Character design

  • UI design and implementation


Lighting Design

Capturing tension and horror.


Testing Item Pickup Shaders

Items need to glow and standout.


Contrasting imagery creates tension

It also highlights possible pathways.